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Joey for Reddit is a new ingenious app for Reddit, which provides you a fresh, never before experience of Reddit!
Only 3rd party Reddit app that
in the feed
Streams all GIFs instantly
• Don't wait for entire GIF to download
: View posts as full screen cards, flick to change cards.
Only app with
• It reads aloud long self posts and all comments to you.
Multi column + Tab Layout =
Designed bottom up for
• Read
in magazine style question answer format.
• Read AMA category wise.
• Works for Crossposts, MultiAuthor AMA.
• Never miss an AMA : See upcoming AMA in your local time, add them to your calendar.
• Shows live AMA going on right now.
: Searches your subscriptions and the web simultaneously.
for web articles: For clutter free reading experience.
Designed for comments:
: Highlights users who have participated earlier in the comment chain.
• Highlights new comments added after your last visit
• Ability to collapse the thread from any comment.
• A comment navigator that works with collapsed comments.
: Collapse comments at any level of your choice
: Super useful for match threads
: Get your notifications instantly
: Distraction free browsing
Designed for albums:
• Vertical Cards for albums: swipe only in one direction both for description and going to next pic. It also has in-place zoom.
• Navigate albums using volume key.
Most powerful text-editor:
• Table, heading, code, and more.
Most customizable data saving settings
: Pin, hide, add bookmarks.
Optimized for r/science:
• Read the posts category wise.
• Add upcoming AMA to you calendar.
Optimized for r/askscience:
• Read the question category wise.
Optimized for r/LifeProTips:
• Read LPTs topic wise.
Long press thumbnails to preview media.
Only Reddit client with
: Change toolbar color, accent color, title color, comment color, canvas color, everything!
•  Choose from
•  Night theme, with
: Change themes automatically
•  Change font size and types
• Post style with
  • 16:9 image
  • Full height image
  • Small thumbnail
  • Large thumbnail
Other notable features
• Multi Account Support with secure OAuth2 login
• Slide to close activity
• Different sort for each subreddit
• Supports
• Friend list
• Full spoiler support
• Full table support
• NSFW filter
Have fun :)
Dev : u/codesForLiving
Joey for Reddit is an unofficial Reddit app.
"Reddit" is registered trademark owned by Reddit Inc.
"Ask me anything" is registered trademark owned by Reddit Inc.
"AMA" is property of Reddit Inc.
The article on Aryabhata used in screenshot is from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aryabhata, and the article on Aryabhata is released under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license(http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/).

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